BANCO by Dada
DESIGN Luca Meda

Banco, with its free-standing structure, is a lean kitchen system, ergonomic and functional.

HI-LINE 6 by Dada

Hi-Line opened up numerous composition options. Not handles but grooves for opening and closing doors. A design project enhanced by exclusive finishes, prestigious materials and sophisticated colors.

INDADA 2015 by Dada

A modern and sophisticated look for the renewed INDada

INDADA by Dada

It has as much technology as needed. Sober and solid, coherent and accessible, with ergonomic opening systems, long-lasting materials, simplified cleaning and maintenance.

SET by Dada

Set started out as a laboratory to experiment in. The kitchen became a workshop where everything is within reach.

TIVALì by Dada

Tivalì is a concentrate of technology. It is more than just a kitchen, it is a kitchen box that appears and disappears as if by magic when necessary.

TRIM by Dada

Space is the key element of a system devised to match the pace of present-day lives, the organization of homes, the need to mix technology and functionality.

VELA by Dada

A timeless classic, now available in Dante Bonuccelli’s updated version.