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A modern and sophisticated look for the renewed INDada

A modern and sophisticated look for the renewed INDada, introducing new finishes and materials in tune with Molteni&C.
The concept underlying the project is “the richness of simplicity”. A subtraction process identifying clear, formally and functionally suitable elements. Forms, materials, colors and new details in countless combinations to create a unique and customized style, a design pathway, a poetic exercise in style.
The kitchen has to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.
The kitchen sets the scene for a game that engages and entertains.
The kitchen hosts those we cherish and nourish.
The kitchen is a home’s conviviality hub.

Special attention has been paid to the finishes of the doors. Six new bilaminates designed and produced exclusively for Dada: cinnamon oak, cocoa oak, copper and the innovative Plaster finish (used for Molteni&C’s Gliss Master wardrobe system) in white, silica and anthracite, plus the new lacquered copper. Completing the doors are the two new Leaf and Bond handles with teak and pewter finishes. The worktop finishes are new too, with the introduction of four Plaster finishes in white, silica, anthracite and bronze.
The new Office element with laminate surface, which features teak trays inside, on the worktop or suspended between two columns, graphically redesigns the classic snack counter.
Hi-tech innovation and versatility characterize the new 015 pewter finish strip lighting system; inserted between the worktop and the wall units, it offers a handy support for IT gadgetry (such as an iPad) and classic equipment and flanks the Momento wall units.
A new finish for the in-drawer fittings too, now particularly rich in walnut laminboard details.
Walnut finish for the new drawers accessories, now particularly rich in details.
The Modulor table available with teak tops offers a wide range of shapes and sizes thanks to the countless possibilities of positioning the supporting legs